With over 180 million websites live on the internet today,  how do you make the most of its business potential?

Business and Brand Identity
Images can tell visitors about your message – Rather than being a faceless online business, why not have your own people and company in the images? Worried you might not
be attractive enough or your business does not quite look the part? Hardly anybody goes to a supermodel for business advice or IT services and there are many ways to make
any type of business look good.

Be Professional
Online competition is fierce. Consumers and B2B buyers have many choices and customers are more visually educated than ever. Good photography can help create a professional and well-thought looking page so that visitors can take your message seriously.

Research shows that we are less likely to do business with a company we know nothing about. Having personalised images can help create brand awareness and trust.
In fact “Would you trust them with your credit card” is a important SEO question today. Choose an approach with a personal touch but not too personal.
The core of effective brand management lies in finding the right balance between what you wish to say and what your customers want.

Most people actually hate animations and background music when they land on a site (Unless this is part of the business you offer). The key is telling people a lot with only
a few words or images. To attract a customer you don’t need a fancy design, but you do need to provide them with the information they are looking for.
Unique images are a fast and attractive way to display your USP and they don’t have to cost as much as you think.

Have you ever wondered why so many company websites look the same?
Stock images are cheap but they won’t make your business and its USP stand out from your competitors and with the intense competition in the internet you may loose
prospective customers who just can’t seem to remember your company’s name after visiting a number of competing sites. Be different.

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