To retouch or not to?
We usually retouch business portraits just lightly to make you look as natural as possible. This would include removing the badly-timed blemish or removing the shadows of a late night. But you won’t end up looking like the next glamour model – unless that is what you want, of course…

I had a really bad day and need serious retouching
We retouch as requested, for bigger jobs hourly rates apply.

Starting at £150 per person per shoot, for companies requiring staff head shots prices vary and are usually charged on a 1/2 day or daily rate. Please call us to discuss the number of portraits needed, so we can give you a more detailed quote. A deposit of 50% is charged at time of booking.

I need prints
High quality inkjet prints are available on request, prices depending on size and amount required.

I don’t feel comfortable having my picture taken
Most of our clients are not professional models and we will take the time necessary to make you look as good as possible. Ultimately few people enjoy having their picture taken, but everyone loves to have a good picture of themselves.

I like colour images but also want some black/whites
We use digital post production and can thus convert images as needed.

Make-up and hair
Can be provided for a surcharge. Please call to discuss prices.

How soon after the shoot can I have my images?
We aim to email digital contact sheets within 48 hours. 2-4 days after we have received your selection from the digital contact sheets, finished images will be sent to you by Royal Mail on CD and additionally via email. 3 retouched images are included in the price, after which hourly rates for post production apply.

I need it urgently
50% surcharge for same/next day delivery.

Why do you charge a deposit?
We will book studio time and our photographer for your dedicated shoot, so a time slot will be allocated just to you. For this reason if you cancel less than 48 hours before, we have to retain the deposit to cover our costs. Of course if you cancel before we aim to refund asap.

How do I pay?
By PayPal invoice, 50% before the shoot, refundable up to 48hrs before. The remainder is due on the day of the shoot. Companies can pay by invoice.

Do I need to come to the studio?
We found that people are generally more relaxed on a photo shoot away from their workplace in our studio. However, if it is more practical to you, we will come to your premises. We can bring a small studio set-up or just shoot in your office environment as requested.

Can I use these images for passport and visa?
Restrictions for photos used in official documents are very tight and images have to be shot especially for this purpose. As a general rule these images are not what you would choose as a good business portrait and unfortunately rarely flattering.

What kind of clothes do I wear?
It is best to keep it simple and not too ‘trendy’, otherwise your portrait could look dated quite quickly. Plain colours are usually better than wild patterns. But ultimately everything depends on the image you want to give of yourself.


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