Most people hate having their picture taken, but everyone likes a good picture of themselves

The majority of our clients are not professional models and we will take the time necessary to make you look as good as possible. Our Canary Wharf studio provides a very relaxed atmosphere away from your workplace which in our experience works best for most people. Should you need to show yourself in your own office environment
or at a specific location, give us a call and we can arrange this for you. For multiple staff portraits please contact us for a quote.

Here is what our clients say about us:

“I had the pleasure of working with Heike at Image Agents this year when I asked her to take some business portraits for my company 8fold. She was fantastic to work with and made me feel really relaxed and at home even during the shoot. I am very pleased with my new pictures which are now on my website. I would urge anyone with a business to ditch the holiday snaps and get yourself a professional portrait from Image Agents.”
Sinead, Social Entrepreneur

“Heike at Image Agents recently took my photograph for my website and other promotional material. I’ve never been comfortable having my photograph taken but Heike turned it into a relaxing, enjoyable experience which produced high-quality photographs. I’d have no hesitation recommending her work.”
David, Ostheopath

“I’m so glad I took up Image Agents’ offer of a professional shoot because her portrait of me was ready to hand when I was offered a new gig in Washington DC. My picture now sits amongst the Pundit bloggers on an influential Washington newspaper.”
Anne, Journalist and Writer

“The Portrait Photography session at Image Agents was fantastic! My photographer made me feel completely relaxed and her expertise was very clear in the efficiency and speed she operated at. The choice of images to select was extensive. I ended up leaving with the best portrait photographs ever taken of me. I can highly recommend Image Agents to any small business, it’s so important nowadays to give a professional visual impression!”
Ully, Complementary Therapist

“I did not think I could be so relaxed in a photoshoot. At last a professional photo that I am 100% comfortable with. I am sure these photos will help my career. Why did I not do this earlier?”
Rainer, Senior Health Care Manager

“Many thanks for the relaxed session, a reminder that having your picture taken can actually be fun. I got so many compliments on the pics… good to finally have a portrait that looks like me. As an actor this is crucial but obviously, you have to look good, too. I think the pictures work very well in both respects.”
Sabine, Actor and Musician

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